Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Alphabet Day 9: N

My N day: near-sighted, no breakfast, nukes and numbskulls (Men Who Stare at Goats), new restaurant, no class, non-stop editing, nasal, N*Sync, never-ending uploading, NFL, new Homeland and Dexter, neighbors, "nature or nurture,"and nighttime

N song: NWA - "Express Yourself"

N word (not that one! although I did have a conversation about it today): nausea

Nicole is the nicest of girls. Alright, she is only okay, maybe just decent. I don't know, we aren't that close. Still, she has this crazy problem. Girlfriend only gets nausea if someone says the word "nausea."

Once, she went to the doctor's office and described her symptoms: unease in her stomach, sometimes vomiting. The doctor said, "Sounds like nausea," and she vomited. Then she said, "Yea, it is, but it only happens if you say 'nausea.'" Then, she turned her head and vomited again.

This sounds pretty terrible, but Nicole gets to do all the cool stuff: roller coasters, boat trips, and going to the moon, stuff like that. She can do all of that without getting nausea.

However, it does suck because I've just read her this story, and she's thrown up every time I've said "nausea." Gross, there she goes again.


- Barbara

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