Monday, November 28, 2011

Alphabet Day 12: C

My C day: Courtyard Hotel's amazing bed, Charlotte (two of them), cousins, cranberries (oh yea, it was Thanksgiving), car ride with Christmas music, collegiate tradition finale (Texas beat Texas A&M for possibly the last time), calm, cool, and collected Justin Tucker who won the game, Chris (three of them), and cats especially Coconut.

C song: Counting Crows - "Colorblind"

C word (again, not that one): carriage

The princess was getting ready for a huge ball that night. This was going to be the ball of the year because, let's be honest, if a princess was going to be there, then you know that it is a pretty big deal. So, everything had to be perfect.

The princess checked her dress, her hair, her shoes, her makeup, and her jewelry. Everything was in place.

She walked down the stairs and met her carriage driver at the front door. This is when she received the bad news. The front carriage wheels had been broken from the previous trip she had taken in to town that day.

The wheel mender had been released for the evening, and it would take hours for the driver to fix them himself. The princess did not know what to do, and, by this point, the party was about to start.

Her stress level only increased when she received a message from her friend, who was already at the ball. "where r u?," the text message read. Then the princess remember that this was the twenty-first century, so she told the driver that she would take the car to the ball instead.


- Barbara

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