Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Alphabet Day 10: P

My P day: positively peppy morning routine, pineapple juice and Pop-Tarts on a paper towel at Private Practice, production schedules and pre-lims at Private Practice, Pete in Private PracticePrivate Practice episodes watched for a project at Private Practice, patty melt with potatoes at Private Practice, peanut bar and peppermints and pop at Private Practice, pie run at Paramount, production (a set visit to Private Practice), Peter, Paul & Mary, Puss in Boots painting video, pre-adults portraying perps in a student film that turns in to them almost getting arrested/shot, printing boarding pass for a plane, packing, and passing out.

P song: Patty Griffin - "Rain"

P word: popsicle

There's nothing worse than a melted popsicle, especially if you wanted a frozen popsicle.


- Barbara

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