Monday, November 21, 2011

Alphabet Day 7: V

My V day: Vineyard Vines, victory despite vicious attacks (soccer), Ventura Highway, Ventura Boulevard, viva Chivas!, ventriloquism and the Veals (Arrested Development), Van Morrison, Vanessa Carlton, voluntary cake-baking with vanilla icing, very amazing art of various cats of which I made a video (see below), Vitamin C., and veteran songs of the 90's


V song: V.V. Brown - "Shark in the Water"

V word: volume

The other day Victor was listening to "Shout" by the Isley Brothers. You know the song. You dance to it, no matter what. You do.

Anyway, there's the part where it says "a little bit softer now," over and over. So, Victor, an idiot, turned the volume down, over and over. He turned it down so low that he essentially turned it off. I don't know if you know, but if the volume is completely off, then you can't hear anything. Don't ask me how it works. It's science or something.

Still, this meant that Victor never heard Ronald Isley call for the listener to play "a little bit louder now," over and over. Thus, he sat my his record player, oh yeah this is the nineteen sixties. Anyway, he sat by his record player with the volume off for the rest of his life, and he never heard music again.

Luckily for him, he never had to suffer through Ke$ha and the Biebs. I'm just saying, some times it pays to be an idiot. You know?


- Barbara

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