Monday, November 21, 2011

Alphabet Day 8: D

My D day: double alarm snoozes, drunken adventures retold from the night before, drizzle turned into a downpour, double brunch (I know right?), driving, debit cards, Dave Matthews Band, Decemberists, Dynamo defeated due to downright dumb defense, dale dale dale!, Dexter missed because of game, darkness in the bathroom (no toilet paper either), and death (for the night, at least)

D song: David Gray - "Lately" Seriously, obsessed with this song.

D word: December

December is the most loved of months. He brings Christmas bonuses and paid vacations to many, gifts to almost all. He keeps the weather cold enough to justify skipping school or work, and sometimes he leaves it nice enough to toss a football around the front yard.

Hibernation becomes a near necessary, and an increased caloric intake is adopted to handle said hibernation. It's not like the food is hard to come by. People look for any excuse to throw a party in December. Oh, you have a tacky green sweater? Party. I bought this new menorah? Party. My cat looks freaking adorable in this rudolph nose? Double party. So yea, free food? December for the win.

The winter weather also seems to promote some sort of temporary "niceness." Aside from the occasional black eye and hair-pulling caused by Black Friday and Christmas Eve shoppers, people kind of dig each other in December. I guess if there's that special someone in your life you get more gifts or something. Plus, you can stay inside by the fireplace and sort socks together. I don't know what couples do. I'm lonely.

It's pretty obvious that December does his fair share of great for the year. Other months just bring rain or taxes. Yea, December for the win.

Wait. What's this on the radio? Christmas music all the time, always? "Last Christmas" sung by sixteen different artists? December f*cking sucks.


- Barbara

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