Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Alphabet Day 17: W

My W day: wake-up, water, warm chocolate (I don't like it too hot), watching Private Practice and writing notes about the characters, wheat bun, Wikipedia (they're getting super aggressive for donations again), walking up and down stairs, whistling, whipping up about 50 trophies of the awards ceremony, "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls (yea, we went there), watching New Girl where Winston learns a lesson, writing this blog right now, and wishing for sleep.

W song: The Weepies - "Wish I Could Forget"This is seriously one of my favorite songs, so today was a good day.

W word (huh, word is a W word): whatever

Since she first began to speak, the only word Wendy knew was "whatever." She had somehow managed to communicate enough with this one word, and, at this point, she didn't see the need to round out her vocabulary.

When asked what she wanted to eat, she'd reply, "Whatever." This meant every time she was treated to a surprise cuisine. Because of this, her palate had become well refined, and people respected her opinion of food.

When asked where she wanted to go for holidays, she'd say, "Whatever." This did not make a whole lot of sense, but it didn't stop her parents from taking her all over the world. She'd become so well-versed in travel that people would seek her recommendations on vacation spots almost daily.

When asked what she wanted to do, either on dates or family weekend tripes, she'd shrug, "Whatever." Many a beau had taken her on an outdoor excursion that involved an intense sightseeing adventure or some sort of extreme sport. Her parents had taken her to countless plays and museums. For a girl her age, she really had seen it all, and people looked to her for information because they knew she had experienced it first hand.

It was clear that Wendy was an extremely intelligent and well-rounded individual. Unfortunately, she flunked most assignments because two plus two does not equal whatever. The capital of Wisconsin is not whatever, and plants are not green because of whatever.

However, she always managed to get the question about indefinite relative pronouns at least partially right because "whatever" was a correct answer.

At least I think that's what Wendy wanted me to tell you guys. I have a really hard time understanding her.


- Barbara

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