Monday, November 28, 2011

Alphabet Day 13: K


My K day: killer stomach ache, Kaye (my middle name when I woke up with said stomach ache), ketchup at Buffalo Grille (which I did not put on my hash browns), King Tut, kicking a soccer ball, kinethesis (I don't really know if that word means what I think it means), Keb' Mo', kids from high school reunion, knuckles, and Kermit on SNL.

K song: Kevin Devine - "You'll Only End Up Joining Them"

K word: koala

The Koala wasn't known as the toughest of the animals at the zoo. However, he had apparently crossed the Panda the previous Thursday when he cut him in line for the watering hole. The Panda hadn't thought much of the Koala before, but now he thought he was a real bitch-a-roonie-doonie.

Although the Koala did apologize, the Panda just was not ready to let it go. The Panda challenged him to a fight in front of all the other zoo animals in their sanctuary. After someone finally won this matchup, the ordeal could be put to rest.

Even though the Koala did not put much stock in being a fighter, he still did not want to be made a fool in front of all his friends. So, every morning in the week leading up to the match, he trained. He drank protein shakes, ran laps, jumped rope, lifted weights, and also ate some bamboo or whatever shit koalas eat. Overall, he was feeling pretty good about things.

The day of the match had finally arrived, and all the animals gathered around the big tree. The Panda and the Koala took their places in their respective corners. The Sloth took his sweet time slinking over to the bell, but he finally got there. He hit it, and the match began.

The Koala and the Panda jockeyed up to each other. The Panda threw the first punch, and then all the people at the zoo died at how cute it was to see a panda and a koala hugging.


- Barbara

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