Monday, November 28, 2011

Alphabet Day 14: I

My I day: ill, inclement weather, interceptions and intentional grounding (college football, baby), international cuisine (aka Tex-Mex), iced water, iced tea, impossibly quick trip to Clear Lake, incredible games for Baylor and USC, and insomnia.

I song: Ingrid Michaelson - "The Chain"

I word: intern

According to Wikipedia, an internship is "on-the-job training for a white-collar job." I have held two internships in the last three years, and I have never seen anyone wearing a white collar. This means that both of the internships listed on my resume are lies.

My first internship helped me land my current internship, and my current internship will help me land an internship or job in the future. Should I be alright with the fact that my entire career could be based on a lie?

Yes, because I am an intern, and I work for free.


- Barbara

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