Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Alphabet Day 16: O

My O day: old phone alarm clock, orange juice, omits and edits to homework, official last day of classes ever (can't even believe it - send money), official class photo, originals by Adidias, obstruction of my nasal cavities, off-the-wall dance party, Oingo Boingo, Oprah, and obligatory sleep.

O song: One EskimO - "Kandi"

O word: organ

Oscar had just turned twenty-one, and he felt like he hadn't done anything meaningful with his life up to that point. He picked up the newspaper because that seemed like something meaningful to do to someone who had never done it before. As he flipped through the pages, he came across the classifieds and saw an ad that read, "Organ Wanted."

Sure, this seemed vague. It didn't say which organ was needed, but he figured, if he could help, it would certainly be something worth doing. So, he called the number. Unfortunately, no one answered the phone, but the voicemail recording said they were accepting organ donations at St. Luke's Church.

I can tell where this is going, and, if you're smart, you know where this is going too. Sadly, Oscar had no idea where this was going, so I'll continue on.

Obviously, a kidney is one of the easiest organs to donate, so Oscar had that removed first. The appendix, spleen, and gall bladder aren't that important either, so he took those out next. He removed pieces of his intestines, stomach, and liver. He left what he needed, but all of this surgery was certainly making him sick. Still, he saw the life his organs were bringing to his recipients, and he felt like he was finally doing some good with his life.

After his multiple trips to the hospital, Oscar hardly had any of his own organs left. He was hooked up to multiple machines, but he couldn't have been happier. In the hospital, he had fallen in love with his nurse, Olga. He loved her so much, and he would do anything for her, as she had done for him. One day she told him that she wanted nothing more than for him to give his heart to her.

Again, we all know where this is going, but I will continue on.

So, he willingly gave up his heart, like all the other organs before.

Of course, Olga did not mean for him to literally give his heart to her, and it left her heartbroken when he died. Luckily, St. Luke's had received enough donations to buy a new organ, and it played beautifully at Oscar's funeral.


- Barbara

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