Monday, October 24, 2011

Day Four: AFF

This day was all sorts of crazy because I was tired, and my dad was in town to visit. However, I did manage to catch some of "On the Level" with Donald Todd and Pamela Ribon, and now I have been watching Samantha Who? on Netflix when I was "supposed" to be watching Arrested Development again.

This panel was great for explaining what all the people running around at the Private Practice office actually do... I could just ask them when I'm at my internship, but instead I interned at AFF forever and read a million scripts to get a badge to fly in from Los Angeles just to hear about it in a panel.

Then, the rest of my day was soccer, friends, dad, soccer, soccer, dad, airport to pick someone up, dad, Whataburger, airport to go back to Los Angeles. Although, let me say that flying back to LAX is so glamorous and my new favorite thing...

At the airport and on the plane I saw, whom most I saw at the Festival, but it is still more glamorous at an airport - Terry Rossio, Michael Arndt, John Lasseter, Pamela Ribon, I'm pretty sure Nicholas Kazan, and I'm definitely sure of PAULA DEAN. Who was in town for the book festival, and who was wearing glasses and a baseball cap. But that wasn't fooling anyone because she was talking... y'all.

And then the cops boarded our plane at the end for something to do with a guy in green flannel. And I've been trying to Google it all day, but because TSA let a loaded handgun go through baggage check at LAX, it seems like our little run-in isn't glamorous enough. Also, I got on the wrong bus and ended up at the metro station, where I'm writing from right now. Someone come get me please...

J to the K, to the one person who actually reads this stuff, don't come get me at the metro station.

Also, to the one person who actually reads this, thanks. I hope you also had a fantastic AFF 2011. Can't wait for next year!!!!!

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  1. I really did think for a moment those cops were for me, since I'd just been busted over the loudspeaker for not wearing my seatbelt.