Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Austin Film Festival 2011

Who's excited for the Austin Film Festival this year?

I can't hear you... through the internet... obviously, but I know you're out there screaming at your computer and dancing around like Bill Cosby. Just me? Moving on.

First and foremost, know that I am a television person. I know it is called the Austin Film Festival, but there is plenty of amazing TV stuff going down in 2011. Even if you're more of a film buff, there's an easy way to get the best of both worlds this year.

Here's the trick: SATURDAY is TV day!

So, wake up bright and early. Catch some morning cartoons and finish your bowl of Fruit Loops. Change out of your onesie pajamas into more age-appropriate attire (or don't, I'm not your mom), and get yourself down to the Driskill to start your "Day of Television Amazing-ness!"

9am @ The Driskill - A Conversation with Hart Hanson... Full disclosure: Bones is my favorite television show - so, I might die during or immediately following this panel, but that doesn't mean your day has to end.

1045am @ St. David's - Roundtable: Television... I don't think AFF could possibly namedrop any more than they do in this panel (cough Alec Berg, Kyle Killen, Donald Todd, Pamela Ribon cough). So, be sure to sign up for this at registration.


1045am @ The Driskill - Hart Hanson and Kathy Reichs: The Collaboration Process... Running these two panels simultaneously is the cruelest trick AFF played on me this year. I'll forgive them because I know both will be great.

1215pm @ The Austin Club - Awards Luncheon... You need a ticket for this shindig, but Hart Hanson and David Boreanaz will be there. So, yes, I have mine. If you didn't get one, never fear, there's more to come!

215pm @ The Driskill - In The TV Writers' Room*... I've emptied trash cans in a writers' room before, and, let me say, it's pretty magical. Oh, this is a panel where Noah Hawley, Sterling Anderson, and Nancy Pimental talk about television writing staffs? Yea, I guess that's cool too.

315pm @ Austin Convention Center - Bob's Burgers*... You get to watch a very funny show and then listen to a panel with the show's very funny creators. It's like having two birthdays in one, minus the creepy clown.

345pm @ The Driskill - Showrunners*... Wait, another panel with showrunners? Are you kidding me right now, AFF?

* Please note that these three panels overlap a bit. So, you get to pick between ridiculously amazing, hilariously amazing, and incredibly amazing. No pressure.

515pm @ Austin Convention Center - Bones... I'll be the girl in the front row having a private quote-along with myself. Unless they screen the Season 7 premiere, in which case, I'll be the girl in the front row dancing like Cosby, again.

730pm @ Austin Convention Center - Awake... I have only heard amazing things about this pilot, like, amazing things. Plus, Kyle Killen is a great friend to Austin and the Festival, so, go show him some love... in a completely normal, comfortable, respecting-his-personal-space sort of way. Please.

That's your Saturday, folks, a "Day of Television Amazing-ness!" If you've got one of them fancy badges, let's meet up at the Conference Wrap Party, compare onesies, and call it a day.

Oh, right, there's also three more days of panels and about a million amazing movies to watch (give or take).

Seriously, winning. Winning big time this year, AFF.

- Barbara

I'll be updating this blog and doing some tweeting throughout the Festival. Follow me, @babsamiga, and I'll try not to overdo it. I'll try really hard.

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