Thursday, October 6, 2011

Road Trip Movie!

So, here it is, finally - my trip from the great state of Texas to Los Angeles. This is some of the poorest footage I have ever seen, shot, edited, etc. Soccer moms shoot better than this, well maybe not my mom, but anyway.*

It was pretty crazy going back through this footage about two months after the fact. One, we shot a lot of crap. Two, I am now familiar with the parts of Los Angeles that we shot. Finally, all anticipation and excitement around my apartment has since dissolved into the smoggy air that accompanies me to work every day. Although not today because the sun was shining and the weather was beautiful and life is wonderful and Texas is still better.

Anyway, thanks to Allison for capturing most of these glorious shots. Please contact me if you need B-roll of any of the following: road signs, roads, grass, rocks, water towers, sky, giant babies (oh yea, we've really got them).

A side note, that has to do with my time here in LA but nothing to do with my trip out here - I met Dr. Beardface yesterday at Ralph's... yes, the same Ralph's from my last post. If you do not know who Dr. Beardface is, go out and watch every episode of Scrubs. All of them. Right now.

Alright, watch the video. Thanks, bye.

* Sorry, mom!

1 comment:

  1. what i got from this:
    1- you got a new car!
    2- i miss you and aconn tons..
    3- i want to see you/come visit asap
    4- i'm so excited for youuuuuu!
    5-you still have that uncanny ability to make me laugh, even through your 4 and a half minute film.