Thursday, December 8, 2011

Alphabet Day 22: U

My U day: U2 (I really wish I didn't), United States (where I live), uterus (I have one), uneventful apartment searching, ultimate Sunday brunch, underwhelming afternoon, u-turns, ugly weather, unruly interns and comedians doing pretty decent comedy including a joke about Ulysses S. Grant, unadulterated television a la Dexter and Homeland, and underneath my sheets for sleep.

U song: University of Texas Ransom Notes - "Annie Waits" Ben Folds would and should be proud.

U word: umbrella

One time I offered to share my umbrella with a "young gentleman" who I didn't know. It was pouring, truly pouring. Otherwise, nothing would have compelled me to put myself out there like that, like literally nothing. Anyway, he agreed, so I made space for him under my umbrella.

I guess if you're in to someone or dating them or related or whatever, there's not really a rule of personal space when it comes to umbrellas. This was not really the case for us, as we did not know each other that well, at all. So, yea, it wasn't super cozy, and, instead, both of us were drenched on about half of our bodies.

Before we had even hit the second light post at Clark Field, we both realized that the situation was not helping either of us. Like a true "young gentleman" he said that it was my umbrella, so he would make a run for it. He took off his flip-flops, and he sprinted faster than any other white guy I had ever seen. Now, I had the umbrella to myself, and I was no longer getting rained on. Still, I was so touched by his gesture, and I thought it was only fair that I suffer the same fate.

So, I put my umbrella away and made a run for it too.

I finally made it to the dorm, opened the lobby door, and, yea, there he was, looking at me. If I was him, I would wonder why he gave up an umbrella for someone who wasn't going to use it either. Because I thought that's what he thought, I said, "I'm sorry" and ran upstairs.

Of course, that might not have been what he was thinking, I don't know I'm not a mind reader. Anyway, I bet that wasn't what he was thinking, so what I said made no sense, and I never talked to him again. Amen.


- Barbara

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