Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rachel Dratch

Writing update: I decided to try having a drink while writing today, since nothing else has worked on the weekends. So, I had a Red Stripe, with a side of two Fruit by the Foots, of course. Anyway, I was writing, and then I decided to scrap everything I had done and pick up a different project that I had started awhile ago. So, that's what I did. I'm halfway through that one, which is decent work. Maybe I'll finish tomorrow. No more beer though. Infinity Fruit by the Foots... it's actually Fruit by the Yard. Mind blown.

I've also been running my iTunes shuffle while I write. Jermaine Dupri and Eminem are really inspiring. I guess?

After I finished Augusten Burrough's book, I picked up Rachel Dratch's new memoir, A Girl Walks into a Bar. I could not put it down. I was reading it at the intermission of the Jackson Browne concert the other night.

She talks a bit about her time on SNL, but it is mostly about her life as a forty-year-old single woman, who had to actually learn how to date people, and then she had a baby. SPOILER ALERT. The whole thing was hilarious. She tells the whole truth, even if it makes her look like a doofus, which I think is pretty brave. Doofus is a pretty good word to describe Rachel Dratch at times.

I always liked her on SNL, but now I like her a little bit more. A lot more. She hasn't had the success of Fey or Poehler, but she is just as funny. Life just dealt her different cards. Whatever, it's great, please read it.

Also, when did it start getting "hot" in Los Angeles? My whole "house" is covered in a layer of sweat. I guess we could run the air conditioning... window unit. Who are these backwards bumfucks that don't have central air???????? I'VE MADE A TERRIBLE MISTAKE.

Op. Strake Jesuit Triple Trio Messiah songs just came on the shuffle... looks like a win-win kind of night.


  1. I started following your blog a couple of months ago when Schmidt retweeted the Schmidty cake. You are great and humorous and just the right amount of self-deprecating without being depressing, but are also able to claim your awesomeness. You haven’t written anything since May 12th, though. I mean I hope that you are writing your pilot or whatever you are working on and becoming a huge success, really I do, but the non-writing masses need entertainment now. How am I supposed to procrastinate at work when there is nothing new to read?

  2. No, not too late! Not only did I love the Anne Frank piece, I tweeted the link to it. I think you are great! I plan on reading Texas Part 1 now.