Friday, May 11, 2012

Jackson Browne, pt. 2

Writing update: blerg.

I saw Jackson Browne for the second time tonight. It was at the same theater as the first time, and this place is unbelievable. It's got a family, this-is-us-just-hanging-out-in-our-living-room-and-playing-music kind of feel. It's incredibly small and intimate.

Tonight's show was four hours long, and a total of seventeen musicians cycled in and out. Again, unbelievable.

I think I could live inside of tonight forever. Unbelievable.

But P.S. - just because I'm the youngest one at the show does not mean that I am the one taking pictures on my phone. No need for you to shine your flashlight at me. Check the lady behind me, SIR.

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