Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"This B is TV-Free": Day Six

THIS video, more than any of the others before (collect all five!), has been a real journey. Shooting with other people made me a lot less nervous, and I really enjoyed it. I actually felt really comfortable.

However, something that cracks you up in a room with someone else might not actually be that funny for others to watch. Kind of why you never really see characters laughing on screen. No one at Dunder Mifflin laughed at Michael Scott, but audiences would laugh until they couldn't breathe for seven seasons. It's interesting. To me. Maybe not to you.

I know these girls are hilarious. I think this is funny. I've been cutting it for three and a half hours (yea, that's what I'm doing with all this "no-TV" time), so I hope that it is at least mildly entertaining.

Watch things get weird with us.

And drink. Drink heavily. 

Thanks, again, to everyone who reached out over the last few days.

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