Thursday, February 14, 2013

This B is TV-Free: Day One

Part of my New Year's Resolution (the ol' NYR, if you will) was to try more things that make me uncomfortable... the pap smear was fun and all, but I thought I'd mix it up with something else, which I thought fit perfectly with my courageous sacrifice of giving up television for Lent. So, I'm going to try putting myself in front of the camera talking about that and being boring about that. Not because I WANT to be there by any means, but mostly because I think it will open up another aspect of comedy that I haven't explored before. Basically, just know that this isn't just a shitty video blog (it is).

Without further ado...

God, don't I just sound like a young Max Greenfield. The voice every woman wishes she had.

And this is still a work in progress. I'm open for feedback, but I won't listen to criticism... just kidding, let's build something together...?

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