Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ira Glass

A friend of mine recently reminded me of this (extended) "quote" from Ira Glass:

It really freaks me out because I want to have my catalogue of work done. NOW. And I could, well, sort of, if I was writing the way I should be, as often as I should be. 

It's not that I don't enjoy writing, I obviously do. I can write here and on my cake blog no problem. These sort of "memoirs" come easily to me, and I know that, when I write a novel, it will be a memoir of sorts. 

With memoirs or non-fiction or, even, fictionalized non-fiction, people can't really tell you that you're wrong. These are stories that happened to you, and, so, you choose how you want to tell them. 

With fiction, what I should be writing, people can tell you all sorts of things. This character sucks. This doesn't make sense. This isn't funny.

That's scary. That's harder to write. Everyone can have their own opinion on fiction, and anyone can tell you that you're wrong. 

I don't like being wrong. That's why I have a crap ton of these blog posts and a couple spec scripts finished (hey, I didn't create those characters), but only a half-finished pilot and some long forgotten short stories. 

Holding a gun to my head won't really work. Plus it would be super hard to type with only one hand... The thing that usually motivates me to do anything is out of need for someone else. Oh, you want me to call someone on the phone for you? Sure. For me? Let me send a couple of e-mails first to their IT guy and see if he gets back to me. 

I have, recently, stepped up for myself, trying to get a job out here. And writing is, essentially, going to help me get a job "out here." So, I should approach it in the same way. 

So, until I have a completed script, I'm going to keep updating here, holding myself accountable. Write here, every day, write there, every day. Write, write, write. 

"Words, words, words." - Hamlet

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