Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ingrid Michaelson

Writing update: I finished up the outline for my comedy pilot. It's pretty rough, and only people inside my brain can understand what the phrases "Sean picks up a homeless man" and "he is, in fact, a ninja" actually mean in terms of the story. PSYCH, even I don't know (Let's resurrect that word). But, yea, it's finished. Still working on the outline of Happy Endings. Polishing off my Cougar Town and writing a short story tomorrow. Any ideas? It needs to be funny. So, someone get on that. If you're funny.

Anyway, in news that maybe one more person cares about, I saw Ingrid Michaelson last night in concert. All and all, it was amazing. She is not only a talented multi-instrumental singer-songrwriter, but she is also incredibly funny. Legitimately funny. She is completely unapologetic, too, which is refreshing. She makes fun of herself, her bandmates, and, especially, the audience. Betches love it. I loved it.

So, she plays music and tells jokes. She has even had a few sketches on Funny or Die that are pretty solid. I read that she got into music because she wanted to act, but she wasn't getting any of the parts that she wanted. So, she went ahead and made her own material to perform. That's pretty legit, and if I was a great musician, I would do that too.

I think that's a cool lesson to take away - you can create whatever you want. Whatever makes you happy. Obviously, it's cooler if someone reads it or sees it or likes it or performs it or hears it or gives you money for it, but you can create without all that other stuff. I mean, if you want to be a doctor, you can't just like do surgery on people. Right? I mean, that is a pretty big thing about being a doctor. WE GET IT, you went to school for a billion years. I'm standing here in a paper gown that doesn't cover anything, so I don't give two fucks about how hard med school was. You passed, you're here, take my money.

Just kidding, I love and support all doctors, real and televisional.

Anyway, since I can pretty much only concentrate on writing from about 8-10 in the morning and 8 until the Corn Nuts run out P.M., I've got some other projects I'm going to start working on, or revive from the technological hell where they've been vacationing for weeks and years and lifetimes. That sounds so dramatic. Basically, I could be creating so much more, and I should. I hope it's all crap. I will force all of you to watch it.

Oh, also, these days. Malcolm. Bea Arthur and ABBA. Enough said.

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