Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jackson Browne

Last night before going to bed... Well, before watching two hours of Wings before going to bed... That Tim Daly, man, always. so. intense.

Anyway, before Wings, I found this clip of Jackson Browne performing "Doctor My Eyes" in 1978. This is my favorite song of all time. Undoubtedly. This performance was amazing. My dad apologized for not taking me to his concert back in 1981 when I would have been -8 years old. Even still, I would have loved it. Thanks a lot, dad.

So, as I was finally drifting off to sleep, still upset with how terrible the Wings opening credits are, I started thinking about music. Music is cool. Everyone likes music, of some kind. You can't say that about a whole lot of things. What else can you say that about? Maybe cookies. But, to me, that's incredible. That is awesome.

Sure, there is plenty of debate about what is "real" music. It's subjective. I spent a whole semester with a record producer telling us why the music on the radio sucks these days. While I agree, I bet that the reasons every tween literally weeps during the opening notes of Justin Bieber's "Baby" are the same reasons I spent $250 on a ticket to see Adele in concert from the back corner of a basketball arena. Whether it's the lyrics, the guitar, the piano, the artist's haircut (that's me on Adele, anyway)... whatever. People love music, and I love that.

I am mediocre at a handful of instruments, and I can talk-sing better than most parrots. I wish I had the God-given talent to play guitar and piano like some of my friends, or play the drums half as good as my roommates. Even more, I wish I could sing remotely as well as my friends in high school. I was incredibly envious that they were in the elite choirs and school musicals, and I wasn't even brave enough to take the Chorus class with the football players getting their fine arts credit out of the way. There are plenty of things to be talented at, but I rank music pretty high up there, so you're welcome.

In the time writing this, I've replayed that Jackson Browne clip three times, each time I hear something new. If I listen to it in a week, I'll feel something new. If I listen to it in a year, I'll remember something new. I think it's stuff like that that draws people to music. So, whatever music you listen to, keep doing it. And to every musician, of whatever instrument, keep making it.

But, for real, why does the Wings intro suck so much? Anyone?

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