Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In the meantime...

So, even though only four people read this blog - two of them being my parents and one being the Prince of Swaziland who emails me weekly asking for just a few grand to make his trip to America to be with me. He seems nice enough, and not a lot has been going on in the romantic department out here anyway. I told him, though, that he has to wait for me to get a real job so I can scrape up the money.

Speaking of jobs, so far mostly quiet on that front, but I have some great people looking into things for me and sending out my resume. I'll be emptying trash cans in a production office before you know it.

In the mean time, I've been at home a lot. It's a small bungalow built for one that I share with one more. So far, so good though. There's even a tiny patio - by tiny I mean you can touch the fence from inside the kitchen door and get from one end to the other in four steps.

Not having a job has forced me to spend my time doing something - namely writing. I'm working on a Cougar Town script for a few fellowships and competitions. I don't think anything will materialize from it, but it gives me something to do - namely watch every episode of Cougar Town back to back. If you haven't seen the show, it starts back up on Valentine's Day. So, if your date doesn't think it's a good idea to stay at home and watch Courteney Cox drink wine, then you probably shouldn't be with him/her anyway... That reminds me, I need to ask Prince Swazi how he feels about the show. It could be a turning point in our relationship.

Alright, time to eat a hot dog and drink a tall can of Sweet Leaf. This has been my lunch for thirteen days in a  row. I just moved to LA, so I'm done trying new things for now.

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