Sunday, March 31, 2013

"This B is TV-Free": Days Forty Five and Forty Six


Can you even believe it? Are we even the same people we were forty-six days ago? I certainly don't feel like it. I mean, I use a new shampoo and everything.

Everything I want to say to you is in the video...

To be honest, as much as I yell and scream, I loved doing these. I think I want to keep doing them, somehow... still trying to figure out what would justify that. 

I do know one thing for sure, I will not be doing them every day, unless someone feels like throwing money at me. I never sleep anymore, which is kind of terrible. Sure, I didn't spend 50ish hours watching television, but I guarantee I spent almost twice that on these videos. Which is ALMOST the opposite of what I hoped to accomplish with this Lent. 

Still, it was something new that I hadn't done before, and I am proud of that, I guess. Who can say.

One last time, Nashville.

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